About Nick Schrein video and photography.

Professional videographer and photographer with GORUCK. I specialize in event, product and sports photography and video production. 

The Story

I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2011 with a Communications degree focused on Electronic and Print Journalism. I started producing original video content in 2008 with a full length video of the Virginia Tech Wakeboard Club, and from there my passion for media production has only grown.

After a stint doing freelance work in Southwestern Virginia, I found myself shooting product photography for Shoe Show, INC. in Concord, North Carolina. While living in the Charlotte region, I had the opportunity to shoot in a variety of environments, including endurance events, fashion shows, local businesses and several weddings.

After nearly two years in Charlotte, I took a job working for GORUCK, a military style rucksack and endurance event company, in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. My role involves traveling the country shooting both photo and video of endurance events and gear. Through this time, I have been able to hone my event, product and portrait photography skills as I work in a multitude of environments across the country.